Downtown Gananoque

5,200 people, 1,864 islands and two rivers, the Gananoque and the St. Lawrence, and located just hours from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. This is our home, in the heart of the 1000 Islands. We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay, however long that might be.

Gananoque Farmer's Market

Popular thought has it that Gananoque is an aboriginal name meaning, “town on two rivers.” It is pronounced Gan•an•ock•way, or if that seems like a mouthful, just Gan, for short. That’s how we locals say it.

Gananoque Brewery

We refer to ourselves as the “Gateway to the Thousand Islands” and we invite you to explore our little corner of the world. Go on a cruise or kayak through the islands, explore local farms and fresh food, and amble along through our neighbourhoods and streets. Oh, and don’t forget to take some time to relax.

If Gananoque is the heart of the Thousand Islands, then downtown Gananoque is the heart of “Gan”. We are a happy, friendly bunch and can’t wait to meet you.

“Gananoque is a great town, so much to see and do. Plays, cruises, outdoor activities, great food and people…thanks Gan!” – George Elford, Toronto

We have so much to offer. Explore these pages to get an idea then take a stroll down King St. Stop by the visitor’s centre or any store for more information or just to chat. We love meeting new people.

“I’m always swept away by the amazing views of the islands. Early morning is my favourite time. I like to take a coffee down to the docks and just relax.” – Sharon Malcolm, Ottawa

Welcome to downtown Gananoque.